Saturday, April 14, 2012

Grey scale sketches and final paintings (Watercolor)

To improve my understanding of values, I am practicing grey scale sketches in 3 shades of grey. These make a big difference in the final painting as one knows exactly where to apply dark and light colours. I feel bad that I did not find this 3 years back! Anyway better late than never. Here are couple of examples.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My first Demo (watercolor)

Here is my painting which I made as a demo to few of my friends. It was a very special experience and very satisfying as the painting turned out to be a decent one!

Paintings with experimentation (Water color)

I am experimenting with different paper sizes and different painting styles - also trying to keep things simple. Here are few examples.

Some grey scale sketches (copic markers)

As I have mentioned before I have started outdoor painting since January. Currently I am trying grey scale sketches to get a feel of the "value". This exercise will help me in both composition as well as colour selection and simplification. Here are few such grey scale sketches.