Friday, June 1, 2012

Moving to colored sketches (watercolour)

And here is the transition to colour sketches! The first one in on watercolor paper the others on ordinary sketch book.

Grey sketches in the transition phase!

I went on a family vacation to Coorg and Kabini in Karnataka where I could paint leisurely for 2/3 hours everyday. This allowed me to experiment a bit and I tried Paynes Grey watercolors first (see painting 4 above) and then a bit of color in a grey sketch (see painting 3) above. When I moved from Coorg to Kabini I moved completely to coloured sketches. So these were some of the final grey sketches during this transition. The last one is from Pune and the others are from Coorg. Kabini sketches will follow in the next post. Hope you like these!

Grey and colour - two examples (watercolor)

Here are another two examples where I did grey sketches first and colored versions later.