Friday, January 11, 2013

A typical scene on Taljai Hill (watercolor)

Taljai Hill is one of the few green areas of Pune that have survived the Real Estate Developers and politicians of the city. It's a beautiful place which every artist in Pune must visit and paint regularly. This is a small painting - just 5 X 7 inches - but full of action! I have used plain, wet-on-wet, dry on wet, wet on dry - in short - all combinations of washes.I have blown on the wet color to mix it on paper, I have sprinkled the color with a long hair brush and I have wiped the wash with paper napkin. I have glazed - added multiple layers of paint on each other. All this while making sure that I do not lose sight of the dark and light areas or lose the aerial perspective created by the blues in the background. It was great fun in the end - though at one point I thought of scrapping the paper. My daughter told me that it's looking ok - go ahead and paint details and so I finished it.  I am very happy with the end result! I hope you will also like it.